Web Design Packages

WordPress Web Development

Professional WordPress Web Design Package – From $1,400.00

This service is for anyone who wants a current WordPress installation with a custom built theme. The service includes:

  • Install the latest version of WordPress CMS & MySQL Database
  • Installation of required plugins for the general site
  • Research competing websites
  • Create acustomized theme to meet your design and layout requirements
  • Up to 8 pages of content ($50 per extra page)
  • Install media optimizations and cleanup tools
  • Install a robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing your site
  • Configure a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz to promote search engine rankings
  • Set up your permalinks to improve SEO of your site
  • Setup basic blog page with commenting turned off
  • Install basic security tools and setup user accounts
  • Initial SEO and Social Media Links (On going SEO Extra hourly charge)
  • Extra fine-tuning of all elements to polish the site
  • Install your company logo and graphics
  • Basic training on how to manage your site and how to publish content

WordPress Advanced Blog Setup – Add $200.00

This service is to add more than the basics for the blogging portion of WordPress. Advanced blogging with comments require additional plugins for security and features. The service includes:

  • Discuss strategy for promoting blog
  • Install up to 2 additional support plugins for the blog
  • up to 4 hours of additional theme development if needed
  • Configure spam protection to prevent comment spam and fake user registrations

WordPress E-Commerce – Add $120.00 $20 per 15 products

This service is to add Ecommerce capabilities to your web design package as well as product entry. You can add products yourself and you will be shown how to do that if needed. This also includes starting SEO for each product, including tags

  • installation of Woo Commerce or other Ecommerce solution
  • Initial SEO of Ecommerce pages
  • Customizing of Ecommerce Pages
  • Configure payment gateway
  • Add featured product or discount coding solutions..etc.
  • Assumes product imagery already exists and will be cropped and adjusted for placement
  • Initial SEO in Product Image Alt tags and descriptions

What is a CMS?

A CMS site allows the end user to log into a back end to make modifications. This is especially useful for e-commerce sites where prices often need to be changed. We find that WordPress is the easiest package for the end user. A CMS also allows for easy swapping of themes or theme elements. We can and have stretched WordPress to it’s limits with a combination of programming and plugins.

What to Expect

Dreams and Magic is very visually oriented and are a leader in the industry by making some of the best looking sites on the web. Good design isn’t everything. These days a truly successful web site relies on search engine optimization, Social Media and marketing outside the internet. Good SEO can help you grow your site’s popularity. Don’t rely on the search engines, it requires actually marketing your site through a bit of hard work, social media, conventional marketing and regular blog entries if applicable.

Though the strategy for web design varies site to site, in general Dreams and Magic hasseveral core ideas to making a great site, but it’s still always up to the client’s discretion.

* Please note that web design packages do not include hosting or domain name purchase. This must be purchased by the customer. Blue Host or 1and1 is recommended for hosting and GoDaddy.com or the chosen hosting company is recommended for the domain name. Royalty Free imagery, commercial plugins and any purchables add to the final cost of the site.