Graphic Design Services

Dreams & Magic offers professional graphic design services which include 2D vector based illustration, photography, layout, brochures, logos, CD covers, and more. We stress good use of color and clean design. We research your competition prior to creating mock ups. It’s not just about what looks good. The design must convey an idea and/or call to action. The design must be functional as well as attractive. Knowing the audience and knowing people really helps with this process. As with any professional design company we can output to nearly any format and resolution, but we do not do printing. For printing we can refer you to a number of good low cost printers that are known to be reliable. We have both local and out of state print resources.

Photography: We are also capable of professional grade photography. Good visuals is essential to selling your service, product or message. If you are needing us or any company to develop your E-commerce site it’s essential to have professional images of your products. If you provide your own imagery it must be high quality and large enough to work with.

Convert Raster to Vector: This can be a difficult process but is possible if the raster source is very clean with no gradients. Gradients in the image to be vectored is usually a deal breaker. Once in vector format the image (usually a logo) can be used at any scale and for any sized print work.