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3D Modeling and Animation Services

3D Modeling Services

Clamato 3D model

With decades of experience in 3D modeling and animation there’s not much Dreams and Magic can’t handle.  Dreams and Magic uses 3D Studio MAX, Zbrush, and Blender for building models. Dreams and Magic has done art for the PC game Top Slots, various other game assets, New Product Prototyping, Animations for TV Spots as well graphics for CBTs. 

3D Animator, Richard Green, has created assets for Sony Online Entertainment’s Player Studio, all of which have been accepted as entry into Planetside 2. 

Most of the models in the scenes have been done in house, but occasionally other commercial objects are bought and then modified to save time and money. 

Game Asset Production



Digial Visual Effects

Services include creating CGI visual effects using After Effects, 3D software, and other digital composting programs. Experienced in creating set extensions, chroma key, and mixing pre-keyed smoke, glass, and explosion effects. Pre-viz and on set guidance is key to post production success. Pre-viz and/or designing the shot before just shooting going and filming is absolutely key.

FX Capabilities

  • After Effects
  • Motion Tracking
  • Library of Composit Effects
  • Chroma Key
  • On set consultation
  • Digital Composting 
  • 3D Animation
  • Pre-keyed live FX
  • Set Extentions