Making Custom Scenario for Age of Mythology

Making Custom Scenario for Age of Mythology

Battle For Helm’s Deep – Scenario Profile

Your mission is to defend Helms Deep until you are strong enough to take on the “Two Towers”.  You ultimately destroy Sarumon and Sauron’s towers to win the game. There are a few specially triggered events that can alter the outcome of the battle.  There are at least two super secrets that can only be triggered by a specific hero unit.

Planning on defending Helm’s Deep until the enemies run out of resources?  Well that won’t happen.  Aside from the regular resources around them, they both get resources at a regular rate. Also there is a time limit to win the game. The limit is 7 Days which is just over 2 hours of game play. This is plenty of time so you don’t have to rush to win, but ultimately there is a limit.  There’s a day/night lighting cycle and mother nature influences as you do battle with the two towers.

Great reviews and Highly popular

With an estimated 60,000 or more downloads and awesome reviews, my Age of Mythology scenario was a great success.  I built a scenario that I wanted to play myself and that’s what really led to such a great hit.   There used to be two review sites giving it from 4.5-5.0 reviews, but as of this writing only Age of Mythology Heaven remains on line with an average review of 4.5 out of 5 and over 26,400 downloads as of this post. Other locations where this scenario was made available gives me an estimate of 60k downloads. Battle for Helm’s Deep remains the most downloaded single player scenario for Age of Mythology (as of this date).


Age of Mythology Ratings for Custom Scenario by Richard Green As you can see from user reviews, I have achieved great balance and game play. The only reason creativity is lower is simply because I’m basing the map off Lord of the Rings instead of making a fresh idea.  Being a gamer myself gives me the understanding of what people will like, but really I wanted to make this map for myself. I wanted to make the ultimate scenario for ME to play and share it with the public as well. I was very surprised by the success.  It also serves as an example of what I can accomplish in the role of a game designer.  Actual player comments can be found at



Comments include:


Additional Comments:
What a great scenario! The use of cut-scenes and day/night transitions was terrific. The first time I played it I was overrun immediately and I thought this would be too difficult to complete. I tried it again and really thought through the strategy before jumping into the game and that did the trick. The countdown really adds to the excitement and as each night falls you really feel the need to press the attack. Keep up the great work!


A great scenario. I could play it numerous times and still have a good time. Highly recommended. Kudos from ferret.


very good, the best scenario I have ever played

Khan And Steak

Balance: 5
good, it wasn’t too easy that’s for sure, but it also wasn’t impossible either. I don’t really want to go into too much further detail, in fear of giving the game away.

I had a lot of other great comments on another site that held the map, but that site is no longer online.

Creating Helms Deep

Custom AOM map Screen Show Helms DeepI created this custom scenario in about 4 days as I learned Ensembles scenario editor. This was my first scenario, but not my first time modding in a game. I had previously did a few mods for Unreal.   In order to accomplish a Lord of the Rings themed scenario I really had to stretch the limitations of the editor.  While the wooden walls don’t reflect Helms Deep that well, I had to go with what I had to work with. There are stone walls of course but in order to achieve other aspects of the scenario I had to go with wooden walls.  It is inspired but not exact.  I wanted the scenario to be a challenge but not be impossible and really have the same feel as the film.  I believe I have achieved this.

More details on this scenario and a download file can be found at

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